Competition Prep

Our competition program is designed and focused on bringing a competitive and cutting edge physique to your target date. The head coaches of Team Pulse (Chris Ellis, IFBB Mens Physique Pro and Camile Periat, IFBB Bikini Pro) are active top ranking IFBB athletes who have coached many top athletes and brought them to the next level. While we use various dieting and training methods, we also strongly believe in supporting a healthy body and maintaining a strong metabolism.

Services include:

-weekly check in’s and assistance to clients when needed
-customized diet plans formulated to achieve goals and break plateaus -dietary adjustments when necessary -training plans focusing on clients goals
-supplementation support and guidance
-stage presence support including and not limited to suit, make up, hair, poise -local posing clinics in the Santa Cruz area or online via Skype
-peak week guidance
-athlete brand building
-post show support and guidance
-custom app for your phone and desktop to view your diet and macros